Founded in 2013, Queen Bee Games is an independent game production studio with a focus on unconventional art styles, traditional animation and development of fun, memorable games. Queen Bee Games is based out of Prince Edward Island, Canada, and is committed to delivering a high quality gaming experience through a broad range of platforms.

Queen Bee Games promises to deliver an original visual style with impeccably smooth game-play in everything they produce.

Nice to meet you!

We are:

Kath­leen Cassidy- Co-founder/Producer

Kath­leen is Co-founder & Pro­ducer at Queen Bee Games. She has worked as a Community Manager and a Mod­er­a­tor for childrens MMO web­site and Project Man­ager for var­i­ous PC games.

Katheen grew up on NES and pin­ball machines, is an ani­mal lover, a shutterbug and a ded­i­cated wife and mom.

Con­tact her for all biz related stuff: or


Steven Cas­sidy - Co-founder/Creative & Tech­ni­cal Director

Steve is Co-founder, Cre­ative & Tech­ni­cal Direc­tor at Queen Bee Games. He brings over a decade of expe­ri­ence in the ani­ma­tion indus­try and has worked with some of the very best (Dis­ney, MGM, BBC, Children’s Tele­vi­sion Work­shop and Fox 4 Kids TV).

Steve is a proud hus­band and father, and an avid gamer.

Con­tact Steve at:

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