It all started back in 2013, when one husband-and-wife team decided they wanted to share their crazy ideas to the world. 

Queen Bee Games is a creative-led video game studio with a focus on fresh visual styles and immersive gameplay.  Headquartered in Prince Edward Island, Canada, Queen Bee Games is committed to delivering high-quality gaming experiences with top-shelf artistry, through a broad range of platforms.

Well, hello there! It’s great to meet you. Allow us to introduce our lil' ol' selves:

Kathleen Cassidy – Co-Founder/Producer:

Kathleen's videogame journey began in her early childhood with a fusion of NES and pinball machines. She  realized in her early adult life that her passion for the creative world and gaming was more than a mere hobby. That’s why she started Queen Bee Games. Before that, she worked as a Community Manager and Moderator for a kids’ MMO website, and Project Manager for a handful of PC games. She loves meeting new people and always scoping out the next great partnership and opportunity.

 When not working, Kathleen can be found taking photos, playing with animals,  and engaging in her job as super-mom and wife. Her first child's early nickname 'Bee' is a huge reason they named the company, Queen Bee Games.

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Steven Cassidy – Co-Founder/Creative & Technical Director:

Disney. MGM. BBC. Fox 4 Kids. Just some of the high-profile names Steven has had the pleasure of working with. After more than a decade of experience, Steven started Queen Bee Games with his wife Kathleen. He’s also a proud husband, father, and unapologetically passionate gamer.

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More Team Bios to come...